Enviroburners to supply CNCG Burner Systems for Zhanjiang Chenming Pulp Mill

The CNCG burner system to a new pulp mill in Zhanjiang Chenming, China will be supplied as a subcontracting project to Andritz Oy. The commissioning of the burner system is planned to take place in 2011.

The delivery includes a main CNCG burner system (22,4 MW) that will be located at the recovery boiler. The main burner is designed to burn all of the produced CNCG gas, SOG gas and liquid turpentine in a safe manner to produce additional energy for the recovery boiler. Start-up and support fuel for the burner is light fuel oil.

The delivery also includes a stand-by CNCG incinerator system (17 MW). With this stand-by incinerator all of the produced CNCG and SOG gases can be combusted in a safe manner even when the recovery boiler is not operating normally. 

 In addition, Enviroburners is also supplying the light fuel oil, turpentine and CNCG- and SOG-gas valve units for the main burner and the stand-by incinerator.

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