Flare incinerator (Paper incinerator) to Shandong Bohui pulp and paper plant in Zibo

Enviroburners Oy has been awarded a contract to supply a flare incinerator (paper incinerator) to Shandong Bohui Paper pulp and paper plant in Zibo, China. This delivery is a subcontracting project to A.H. Lundberg Systems Ltd. The commissioning of the flare is planned to take place at the end of 2010.

 The flare incinerator will be installed on the top level of the existing recovery boiler. The thermal capacity of the incinerator is 2.4 MW and it is utilizing CNCG (concentrated non-condensable gases) from pulp production process. In addition Enviroburners is also supplying a valve unit for auxiliary fuels.

Paper incinerator

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