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Enviroburners is strongly present in new wood pellet dust projects

Enviroburners Oy has signed a contract to supply two wood pellet dust burners to replace existing heavy fuel oil burners installed on district heating boilers in the city of Varkaus Finland. The equipment will be supplied as a subcontracting project for Vaasan Kuljetuskanavat Oy.

Possibility to replace fossil fuel with dust burners

More stringent emission requirements for thermal heat plants have demanded end-users and boiler manufacturers to search alternatives for Heavy Fuel Oil usage. Wood pellet dust has emerged in the last five years a new alternative that has received much attention. In the last three years just in Finland several new projects have started, where either existing top load capacity has been converted from oil to dust or completely new production facilities have been built. Currently there are in execution or in planning face more than 20 wood pellet dust projects. The main advantage of the wood pellet dust combustion is the lower investment cost and significantly faster capacity control when comparing to solid biomass combustion plants.

Experience over 30 years

Enviroburners has experience of wood dust combustion for over the period of 30 years. The first wood dust burners were delivered in 1979 to Metsäliitto’s Hämeenlinna plywood mill. The fuel was plywood sander dust. Over the years Enviroburners has delivered more than 40 wood dust burners around the world. The last two deliveries in 2014 went to Georgia Pacific Inc. for two different plywood mills in the USA.
The design principle of our wood dust burners have the maximum availability combined with robust and care free construction. The process design of every wood dust burner delivered is optimized according to customer requirements.

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