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Enviroburners Oy participating a Team Finland Bio-Energy and W2E-technology export delegation visit to Brazil

Enviroburners Oy is taking part on a visit to Brazil led by the  Permanent Secretary of the Ministry  of Economic Affairs Mr. Jari Gustafsson to promote the Finnish Bio-Energy and W2E-technology (see link). The visit is arranged by Finpro and comprises of several visits to leading Brazilian Bio-Energy producers and Brazilian government officials. The purpose of the visit is to showcase the advanced solutions of Finnish Energy technology manufacturers and highlight what we have to offer to the Brazilian waste treatment and energy industries.

The Brazilian and South American markets have already been a significant part of Enviroburners’ deliveries for the last 15 years. Majority of the pulp mills built in the region have Enviroburners’ technology in use to minimize environmental emissions. The growing demand for usage of biomass and waste derived fuels in the South American region creates a growing and very substantial market for Enviroburners’ burner technology for the future.

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